Fluffy White Balls

I find it hard to keep warm in this cold, cold weather. Not only because I am small and generate about as much body heat as a recently deceased corpse, but also because I am vain and prefer looking good over feeling comfortable so often don’t wrap up enough so I can look sexier instead. However, recently I’ve tried to embrace the cozy look as I’ve decided it’s looks kinda cute.

This coat I got last year from Mango for €100 and I can honestly say just December/January alone I’ve got it’s worth in wear out of it. It’s super warm without being too big and bulky and whilst I do pretty much lose my shape, the colour is nice, the furry hood is adorable and the furry lining inside keeps me toasty. Don’t mind the enormous bug eyes.

The scarf is a new purchase from I AM in St Julians (right opposite Bay Street). I think this store is relatively new in Malta, with one sitting in Sliema as well, and they have some really delightful bits. It’s full of jewellery, bags, scarfs and assorted accessories. I find the jewellery is incredibly cheap but the gloves and scarves are a bit pricer, with this one being around €20 I think. Fine, just not mega cheap. And now, I AM OBSESSED WITH IT.

The neutral colour makes it easy to throw on without worrying if it’ll match or clash, it’s soft and snuggly with a chunky knit, but doesn’t absolutely drown me like some other big scarves I have. The fluffy pom poms are what really do it for me though. LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE SO FRICKING CUTE. I’d really recommend checking out I AM if you’re looking for a few bits and bobs to keep warm or jazz up your outfits.

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