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I’ve always had a very confused sense of style. I went through phases growing up; I was a bit of a sporty tom boy for a long while, then a mix of goth/emo/greebo, then I became much more feminine. These days I don’t really think I have a particular style. I try and be a bit polished at work then in my personal life I go between comfy casual and more feminine but apart from the odd jazzy accessory (you’ll often find me wearing a crown or a pair of cat ears on a night out) I tend to play it very safe.

Whenever anyone gives you advice on trying to find your true style and finding new things that look great, they tell you to move out of your comfort zone, try on things you’d never normally pick up, listen to what other people pick for you and you’re bound to find some items you look fan-fucking-tastic in, that you’d never normally have chosen. 

Such a thing happened to me last year when I was shopping with Mum. My Mum has an amazing style, she is very eccentric and a mix of boho, airy fairy and full on goth. When she pointed out a dress that she felt was ‘so me’ I wasn’t entirely sure. It was longer than I’d usually go for, at a midi length (I always felt that length made my legs look stumpy), long sleeved which I usually steer clear from, velvet (love), with gold detailing (when usually I prefer silver) and a very daring plunged neckline.

But I thought, OK lets try something new. And do you know what, it’s become my absolute favourite. As soon as I tried it on I could not believe I hadn’t realised how good it would look. The colour, the style, the fit; all like it was made for me. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on one item of clothing and now whenever I put it on I feel sassy, sophisticated and self assured.

Thanks Mum! So next time you’re out shopping, make sure to try as many things as possible that you’d not normally go for; styles you think don’t suit you, lengths you don’t normally reach for and you may end up finding yourself something perfect.

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