Topshop January Sales

I like a lot of the stuff in Topshop but I think most of it is wildly overpriced so usually end up wandering around, trying a bunch of stuff on, falling in love with it then walking out with nothing. Such a thing happened back in December when I found this slinky little number. I absolutely loved it on but it was €50 and I really wasn’t sure if people were just going to think I had lost the plot and gone out in my nightie.

I like to dress kinda sexy sometimes but also like to look appropriate so, my uncertainty coupled with the €50 pricetag meant I walked out empty handed.

Check Out the Topshop Malta January Sales 2017

A month later I happened to find myself in Topshop again (and by happened to find myself I mean I went there. Deliberately) and, lucky me, there was a huge January sale going on. Saw this hanging up, went and tried it on to see if I loved it as much as I remembered, checked the pricetag and almost vomited with excitement when I saw it had been reduced to €15. So, fuck being appropriate, I now own a super sexy dress-come-nighty that may or may not gather me some strange looks, but who really cares when it looks this fabulous.

So what have we learnt here? I look amazing in this dress, and make sure to check out the January 2017 sales in Malta.


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