To Buy or Not To Buy

OK listen, hear me out. I know, in my adult mind, that this hat is ridiculous. It’s kitsch and childish and no woman of my age should be seen wearing it in public. But I cannot stop thinking about it. In general my fashion sense is very safe. In the day I like to be casual and in the evening I like to be sexy, but I like to jazz both up with silly accessories. I have a handbag shaped like a dog. See me on a night out and I can often be found wearing a tiara, or cat ears.

But is this pink satin, fluffy balled cap a step too far? Will I actually wear it once I’d paid €20 for it? So far, opinions are pretty much divided. People either love it or hate it but it’s worth noting that it’s my closer friends who are advising against it. So please internet, help me out. DO I BUY THE HAIRY PINK BALLED HAT?!

3 thoughts on “To Buy or Not To Buy”

  1. You absolutely crack me up! We are planning/considering/longing to relocate to Malta this year and I’ve loved reading your blog and following you on Instagram! While I might say nay on the hat…. it DOES actually look cute on you. My suggestion would be to find a cap (sans fluffy balls) because I think more than anything it’s the cap that suits you best! 😉 Best-Lisa

    1. I’d say that is excellent advice, thank you! I’ll stick to caps sans balls from now on <3 Good luck on the potential move, life is good here, let me know if you do it! x

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