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One year ago today, my squad got one person bigger and life has not been the same since. When this photo was taken, I was only just starting to come out of my shell and was super nervous about this night in particular, but it ended up being one of my happiest memories of 2016. Which is saying a lot, as it was my favourite year so far. This night was the first time the four of us got together and we drank, we laughed and I don’t know about these girls, but I fell in love.

One year on and we have a hundred memories like this. Chilled days, drunken nights, long, long group chats, inside jokes and everything that makes a beautiful friendship. I love how we can communicate almost entirely in gifs, how we stand by each other fiercely, how we are brutally honest with one another.

In life, the good days are even better when shared with people like this and the bad days are over much quicker with their encouraging words and straight talking. We lift each other up. I aspire to be as smart, as kind and as thoughtful as these women, I wish I was as filthy and witty as them too. They are my favourite part of every day and I look forward to growing old disgracefully with them all.

So thank you, my NSFW crew, for making this year the best of my life and here’s to another year which will no doubt be even better.

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