The Smart Casual Blazer

I never really got ‘smart casual’. They are two quite different things. How can you be both smart AND casual at once? But this River Island blazer has really opened my eyes to the concept. It’s a blazer so it has structure and gold buttons, making it smart and professional, but then it’s also a bit longer than expected, slouchy and with these cool ruched looking sleeves making it not overly business smart and a little bit casual cool.

I am obsessed with it. I’m wearing it with smart ‘office wear’ dresses, casual day dresses, as well as ripped jeans and baggy tshirts and it makes ALL outfits work appropriate without feeling too stuffy and devoid of any character. I always struggle with workwear as I want to look the part and separate my work clothes from my casual day clothes, but I find that most office wear is very bland and safe and really strips me of any personality. 

I’m not usually a fan of River Island. They tend to play shit music in store and are always over priced and the €75 pricetag on this beaut did make my eyes water, but blazers are, for some reason, always ridiculously over priced, I loved how it looked on and knew I would get more than enough wear out of it so I treated myself.  Already I can tell that it was worth it; I wore it for the first time today and have had so many compliments that I’ll be hard pushed to stop myself wearing it every single damn day!


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