The Skincare Splurge

I vowed I’d try and save a bit of money this month so the moment I got paid I obviously went straight to the Melita Pharmacy in St Julians to stock up on my €8 Bioderma micellar water and walked out having spent €150. It’s OK though. It’s fine. They were essentials OK?

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It’s all Biodermas fault really. I usually buy the medium sized bottle but I noticed they had a new size in. Absolutely huge, very expensive and with one of those push down dispensers. I use this stuff religiously to remove makeup, nothing I’ve ever tried is anywhere near as good or as gentle, but I hate this new dispenser. In future will just stick to the normal bottles. I find it squirts out everywhere and even if you manage to contain it within the cotton pad, you have to do so many pumps to soak it enough to make it effective. Annoying. Will probably rip the top off and just pour as normal.

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Then whilst I was there I thought I might as well have a little look around. I ran out of the Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum a few months ago, decided to try some cheaper alternatives (only as it was out of stock) but hadn’t found anything that was anywhere near as good. Spotted one bottle left so had to grab it. This stuff is like €62 for a bit of facial oil but it’s worth it. I promise you. And I’m not just saying that because I have a debilitating shopping addiction. My skin is never so good as when I’m using this each night. It’s a whole lovely little ritual, only takes a few minutes but it’s so nice to massage this into my face for a few minutes before bed. Helps to loosen tension around my jaw and temples and I wake up with soft, bouncy skin, with the lines around my eyes less visible every day.

Then finally, this cute little quad caught my eye. It twinkled up at me under the fluorescents and I simply had to have it, despite owning more neutral shadows and palettes than any woman could ever get through in a lifetime. I will always remember getting ready for a night out with my girlfriend Celia and she asked if I had some brown shadow. I proceeded to pull out around 100 different shadows for her to choose from and her face was priceless. This little palette is called Rosewood and has 4 beautiful colours. A white based highlight, leading towards the pink, two neutrals, one more taupe, one a warmer bronze then a deep matte purple. The colours are not really very pigmented at all, they add more like a wash of sparkle, and the dark matte really takes some building up. If you prefer a more dramatic look, this isn’t really the palette for you, but it’s great for a nice and subtle day time smokey eye and it’s what I’ve been wearing every day since I got it.


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