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Glitter: The Confidence Key

I’ve always suffered with a lack of self confidence, but it’s not that I don’t like myself or think I am ugly, it’s quite the opposite; I think I’m freaking awesome but I just never really expect anyone else to warm to or remember me. For a long time I considered myself “OK”, “average” and “nondescript” and actually, if that’s how you feel, that is what you become. But then I discovered glitter.

Turns out, you are never too old for glitter. It can be a kickass cheek highlight, a sparkly eyeshadow, nails that twinkle in the light, a shiny jewel or even a feeling. I feel glittery when I wear heels, when I drink Patron, when I dance, or when I laugh with my girls.

So I started introducing glitter into my life. I bought the sparkliest shoes you’ll ever see, I pledged an oath to only wear glitter polish.

I am always on the hunt for the twinkliest eyeshadow and I constantly arrange things that make me feel glittery. I make time to see the girls as much as possible, I acquaint everyone I meet with Patron gold, orange and cinnamon (they almost always thank me).

I dance as much as possible and I wear a fucking CROWN any chance I get. Allowing glitter into my life, literally and metaphorically has turned it around. I feel strong, I feel sparkly and I feel good. I can talk to anyone and I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. So if you’re feeling a little dull, get your shine on and things will feel so much brighter.


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