The Best Nails in Malta!

It took me almost 7 years to find a nail technician that I actually liked, who is consistently good and who does not destroy my nails so I’m left bleeding and in pain. And now I’ve found her, I will never let her go! Steph Lauri is qualified in a million different beauty things, all of which I hope to try at some point, but today I want to talk about her mad nail skills.

The Best Nail Salon in Malta

Firstly, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is friendly and bubbly and incredibly knowledgable about her craft. She is super sweet and I always look forward to our morning catch ups. She works from the Melita Pharmacy in St Julians (on the 2nd floor) where you’ll find her as part of the Melita Beauty and Holistic Centre team, offering a boat load of different health and beauty services. You can find Steph on Facebook, via her website and via her personal blog.

Affordable Gelish Nails in Malta

Steph specialises in gelish and has an excellent colour range. With most places I’ve visited in the past the selection has been lacking but Beauty by Steph Lauri has all the colours you could need. She keeps her collection within reason, but covers the spectrum; glitters, nudes, reds, neons, lights, darks, colours… anything you could want, she’ll have. She also keeps on top of new launches, another thing that is really lacking in Malta. Most salons and even makeup stands are generally seasons and even years behind, so it’s fun when someone actually has the new Christmas collection in time for Christmas!

Gentle Manicures

Steph works well with the natural nail. She doesn’t buff it down to nothing; so many times I’ve come away with paper thin nails as the technician just buffs it until there is hardly anything left, but Steph removes the gelish gently and without ruining the nail. What I love most about Steph and her nail technique is how she does not cut the cuticles. Nails need cuticles, they exist for a reason, and there are no benefits to cutting them away as so many salons do. So often I see girls nails and they are sore and bleeding and end up with lots of scraggy skin where the nail tech has cut away everything and left horrible open sores. Steph simply tidies them up, using a softening oil and pushing them back just to keep them in check. 

Best Gelish Colour Selection

I’ve tried a number of different shapes (I love these longer, more rounded ones but I ended up breaking them all off, boo!) and always been happy with the execution. I’ve tried a number of different colours, although I do favour the sparkles! The only ones I ever had trouble with was when I tried the new chrome colour, on me the chrome layer kind of fell off very quickly, leaving them dark and dull and they chipped within a few days, but that was specific to the chrome variety which is applied differently. And, being the star that she is, when I let her know, Steph fixed my nails for me the very next day. Great colours, great nails and amazing service- what’s not to love?

The rest of the colours I have absolutely loved so far and had no issues at all, with them generally lasting perfectly for up to 3 week. This sparkly pale pink is my absolute favourite and one I know I’ll keep going back to. It looks amazing in the sunshine!

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