Snuggly Selfie

I get a lot of stick from people in real life about the amount of selfies I take and publish online, yet they are continually the most liked photos on both Instagram and facebook and, since I started posting them (which was only about a year ago) my confidence has skyrocketed. I never used to post selfies as I was too shy, too self conscious and a little bit judgy, thinking they were vain. But what they actually are, is a bit of harmless fun.

I enjoy taking a quick snap on a day when my hair or makeup went particularly well. Why not remember that day when I felt good? I like jujjing up my hair, trying a few different angles, playing with filters and hitting publish. If people like and comment on the photo, it’s a lovely boost but even if they don’t I have a little memory of a day when I was happy with the way I looked. We all have days where we feel fabulous and days where we feel like we’re a fucking mess and I will never be made to feel ashamed of celebrating those fabulous moments.

This particular selfie was taken on a day where my contour was on point and my hair was behaving surprisingly well. It’s naturally curly, and I love that, but I like to straighten it too for that sleeker look and when straight it makes the natural highlights pop. They make me think of summer. I miss summer.

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