Sepia Sunrise

I had planned to be up and out early today as I have a newbie starting on my team and wanted plenty of time to move some desks around and reorganise the room to fit him in before he arrived, but I ended up waking up naturally about an hour earlier (05:00!) than I had planned to and for the life of me could not get back to sleep. I actually awoke to the sound of my doorbell but I had been dreaming about people trying to get into the apartment (standard) so I am still not sure whether someone was actually buzzing at 5AM or I just dreamed it.

So as I was wide awake I got ready nice and slowly, watched a little That Mitchell and Webb look, had a cup of tea in bed and attempted to do my makeup in the semi darkness and artificial lighting. This means I’ve arrived at work and now I see myself in natural light I see I went way overboard on the highlighter…  but can there ever really be too much sparkle?

I got out of the apartment at a strange time; I’d missed the best part of the sunrise, but the world was bathed in this dusty sepia tone that, whilst not as dramatic as the burnt oranges I usually love, was still very pretty and romantic. Everything was a soft golden colour, the air was still and quiet.

Spinola Bay is one of my favourite places in Malta, at all times of day, but during the sunrise it’s especially lovely.


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