Over and Out

Today @maltagram just hit FIVE THOUSAND followers on Instagram. I have been posting on Instagram for years, but for a long time it was a selfie free zone and I just posted pretty pictures of Malta. Then, about a year ago, I set up a second account; somewhere I could be a little more relaxed and post this and that without over thinking it. Around this time my life changed a lot and I became a fuck tone more confident. Turns out, new me loves to post selfies.

Celebrating 5000 Instagram Followers: @maltagram

As it began to come closer, I thought hitting 5000 followers would feel good. I thought it’d bring me some kind of validation. But do you know what it’s brought me? It’s brought me creeps, online stalkers and more dick pics than I care to remember.

I’m Just Asking For It

Did you know that if a girl posts pictures of herself online, she has effectively signed an agreement to put up with all kinds of fucked up shit from strangers on the Internet?

It means she is fine with having someone go through a year of photos, liking only the selfies and leave not just complimentary comments but downright psycho shit. It means it’s totally OK to message her again and again, without any encouragement or reply, telling her how beautiful she is, how sexy you find her, how you want to do all kinds of things to her. It’s totally OK to keep messaging her sexually explicit crap even after she responds, telling you to stop. It’s even fine to make new accounts or find new ways to get in touch when she blocks you across every different social media platform.

It even means that she really wants to see photos of your dick. She doesn’t even need you to say hello first, just BAM, dick pic.


Except.. oh no, it doesn’t.

Saying Goodbye to Instagram

If a woman posts pictures of herself on the Internet it means she thought she looked good at that moment. She wanted to capture it and share her good moment with the world. That’s it. In all honesty, nice comments are just that, nice, but they don’t really mean anything. She felt good and that’s the end of it. Who the fuck do you think you are? You think she owes you something? You think she is ‘asking for it’? Do you think I wont come visit your profile, find that pic of you and your tagged girlfriend and send her a screenshot of the filth you’ve been sending me? Because I am close. But vindictive is not who I am, so for now I think it’s safer that I step away from the app that I love so much and take some space because you…you have ruined it for me. 

It’s got to the point where I don’t even read my Instagram comments or messages anymore. I’ve missed out on kind words from strangers, messages from friends and the chance to meet some cool people who I actually enjoy interacting with online, all because I don’t want to be faced with yet another creepy as fuck message that has me double locking the door, or come face to face with some rank cock that I didn’t ask to see.


Don’t be that Guy

So if you are someone who sends freakishly intimate messages to girls online, who continues to message them incessantly even when they don’t reply or even worse, when they ask you to stop, or who sends pictures of your (or anyones) genitals to someone who didn’t ask for them; look at yourself in the mirror, grow the fuck up and keep that shit to yourself. I am sorry that you don’t have the confidence to speak to girls in real life, I know what it’s like to be painfully shy and to lock yourself in your own loneliness. But don’t make your issue my discomfort, be an adult and treat me, and any other woman you find online, with the respect you’d expect from others.

4 thoughts on “Over and Out”

  1. Oh Rhi. That is so diagusting and must be very upsetting for you. There are some serious sickos in the world! Will really miss your posts on insta. I hooe that you will keeo the blog up though! Will always be a loyal follower!

  2. It’s a pity you have to stay away from something you really like just because of these complete pieces of shit. I hope you get to sort it out soon so you can return to Instagram.

    From someone who follows you on Instagram but so respectfully (as it should always be)

  3. That is so awful to hear about your experience with these horrible men. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not doing instagram anymore. I started following you a while ago because I was contemplating moving to Malta and your blog really helped give me an overview and get a feel for all the things I wanted to know about moving there. As it turned out, I didn’t move due to job, but I wanted to tell you how grateful I was for your blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad time on instagram. I hope you don’t let these people drag you down.. you do have some genuine followers out there! 🙂

  4. It’s a shame, some people are sick. You have a beautiful gallery by the way and thanks for the like.

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