Nature in Malta

I often hear people bitching and moaning about the lack of nature in Malta but the country is 316 km2, so where exactly do you expect a massive forrest or enormous green meadow to sit? It also regularly hits 35+ oC for much of the year and hardly ever rains and most greenery and nature requires lower temperatures and, you know, water to survive.

It annoys me because the government and local councils do more and more each year to add in new parks and gardens that are well maintained and manage to stay green for most of the year, so if people only went looking for nature, they’d find it all around. These aren’t huge woodlands that you can get lost in, but it’s a pretty good effort for such a small country with less than optimal conditions.

One place I’ve really seen flourish over the years is the Lower Barrakka Garden in Valletta. It’s always been lovely, but these days the gardens are so well kept, so colourful and a real joy to wander around no matter the time of year. I popped to Valletta recently and headed to the gardens to get a look at the views and the flowers. Bird were chirping, bees were buzzing and I spotted a few butterflies lazily floating in the breeze.

The Lower Barrakka Gardens in Valletta offer panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and on a day like this the shades of blue that surround the gardens are truly breathtaking. Then inside, the garden itself it bursting with colour. I don’t know plants so I can’t tell you what’s there (and a 10 minute google search for ‘pink bush Malta’ was no help) but it’s bloody lovely.

The gardens are totally free to walk around, have a host of benches for enjoying the scenery, public toilets and are surrounded by some cafes and food vans so you can cool off with a drink and grab some lunch. So next time you are bemoaning the lack of nature in Malta, hop on a bus and head to the gardens in Valletta.

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