My Love for Michael Kors

I have a bit of a thing for Michael Kors bags. I never used to spend much on bags; my Mum is addicted so I’d often get her Radley (another obsession of mine!) hand me downs so when I did spend on a bag it’d be €20 from New Look. Nothing wrong with that of course, but early in 2016 I was shopping on a wonderful trip to Scotland with Mum. I had more cash to splash than I had ever before and I felt good. I worked hard and now I was single I had so much more money than I’d had in a relationship and was enjoying treating myself. I spotted a gorgeous little black Michael Kors bag in Debenhams. It was structured, sleek and the little bit of gold detailing (just enough, not too much) was so shiny and beautiful. But I saw it, couldn’t see a price tag and assumed it’d be way out of my budget.

Later on that day we came across a Michael Kors shop and it was just so well laid out and shiny that I had to pop in and check. And to my surprise it was only around £180, a lot more than I’d ever spent on a bag before, but a lot less than I’d expected. I bought it there and then and ever since I’ve enjoyed treating myself every now and again. I now have 5 Michael Kors bags, almost all of them bought in Malta, hanging in my living room and I love each one so much. They vary in colour (cream, black, brown, pink) and size (from teeny tiny to absolutely huge).

I’ve found that Michael Kors bags are actually not particularly over priced in Malta; a lot of designer items here are much more expensive than you’d find elsewhere in Europe so I don’t feel too guilty about that payday splurge. Mostly I find them in some Italian shop called Elisabett somethingi in Sliema, or Rebelli in St Julians (where last time I went in they actually recognized me from Instagram which made the purchase even more sweet!). The bags are durable, high quality but affordable and classically stylish so I’d absolutely recommend you check them out next time you feel like a treat.

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