Lucky Charms in Malta!

When I was a kid in England, “Lucky Charms” cereal was all the rage. Back then sugar was OK (encouraged even) and there was nothing more that 80s and 90s kids loved than starting the day with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. But some time in the 90s they stopped selling it in the UK and I think, maybe, even in the whole of Europe. In the past few years it became possible to have it shipped over from the USA or else find it in those American import shops, stocking all kinds of American sweets but you’d be looking at €15+ a box.

Buy Lucky Charms Cereal in Malta!

Today, on a rainy Sunday, something wonderful happened. I popped to Scotts (which I rarely do as I much prefer Arkadia) as I wanted a very specific type of ham and thought I’d pop to the cereal aisle to grab something sugary AND THERE IT WAS! Unfortunately there had been the normal variety, reduced to just €2.99 but I was clearly late to the party and there was only the chocolate version left, for €5.99 and had it been closer to payday I would have bought about six boxes. Lets hope they’re still stocked at the end of the month!

As soon as I got home I wolfed down a huge bowl so fast that, had I not been experiencing total and utter euphoria, I would probably have started to feel quite sick. And guess what? They were even more amazing than I remembered.

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