Introducing: Tequila Rhi

I have somewhat of a Saturday night alter ego who is affectionately known as “Tequila Rhi” (she’s a blast by the way). This came about after I got a bit fed up of my normal tipple (Sambuca) and found myself out and about on the town a little more, after the end of a six-year relationship. At some point, I was introduced to a gold variation of Patron and it’s been love ever since.

Whenever I go to order a tequila people always say to me “You can’t seriously actually like tequila!” and it drives me up the wall. Firstly, I wouldn’t continue to order something that I do not like and secondly, if you’ve only ever drunk and are referring to that nasty cheap tequila that most bars serve for €2 a pop then we are not talking about the same tequila.

Licking a line of salt (which is disgusting), downing a cheap silver tequila shot (which is disgusting) and following it up by sucking on a lemon (which is also disgusting); what’s to like about that? Oh no; grab a bottle of Patron (basically any of them, but I prefer the Gold) and follow with a slice of orange dusted in cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a shot that is better for you (seriously, less chemicals, more agave, so less of a hangover), actually tastes good and still has the desired effect of lifting your spirits (ho ho) and making you a little dancey.

So, next time you’re at the bar, treat yourself to a shot of Patron gold (ranges from €5 to €10 depending on where you are and can go as high as €20 if you’re ordering Platinum) followed by orange and cinnamon and let me know how you get on.

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