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8 Ways To Feel Better

It doesn’t matter if I’m having a hard time, I’m hungover or unwell, I have the same ‘feel better’ routine and I swear by it. There is no magic, there aren’t a load of secret tips but there are some things you can do to perk yourself up and there is one big, constantly overlooked thing you need to do when you’re not feeling great;

You Need To Look After Yourself

No one does this any more. You need to accept that you feel shitty (for whatever reason) and take some time for you. Be selfish for a day, a week, a month. I only realised how important this is last year and it got me through some times that would otherwise have been quite hard, whether it was a bad day, sickness or self inflicted suffering from a great night before.

When you are able to do that, to allow yourself time for yourself to recover, the following will all really help boost your mood and make everything seem that little bit better.

8 Quick Tips to Feel Better

  1. Sleep: if you’re sick or sad, sleep always helps.
  2. Water: keep hydrated. It clears your mind, helps your skin, flushes you out and will generally make you feel much fresher.
  3. Cleanse: have a long hot bath or shower and really clean yourself. Don’t scrub, be gentle. Soap your body and deep cleanse your face to remove all traces of makeup.
  4. Pamper: apply a moisturising face mask, slather your hair in conditioner, give yourself a foot rub.
  5. Comfort: only wear your most comfortable clothes. If you’re staying in, snuggle up in the softest pajamalamas you own, or if you’re going out, don’t wear anything physically restrictive or that you don’t feel fabulous in.
  6. Scent: light a scented candle, cover yourself in a delicious body butter and use your most expensive, wonderful smelling perfume.
  7. Eat: if you like to eat healthy, then shovel in the kale and quinoa. If you have a sweet tooth, go nuts on the biscuits and chocolate.
  8. Do Things For You: take a day off your usual routine if you need it, tell your friends ‘no’ if you need some time to collect yourself, get your squad together if you want some company (be it a Gilmore Girls marathon or a night on the tequila) treat yourself to something you’ve been lusting after, get yourself flowers. Be selfish and feel better.

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