Dark Skies

I wrote this whole post about how huge fluffy clouds make me feel small and truly insignificant (but somehow in a positive way) and suddenly aware that the world really is 3D then I decided I sound like too much of a pretentious twat. Which is annoying as I want to share these pictures but it’s kind of nice to actually have some words scattered around them.

I was walking home this week, under a sky that was half blue and half black. I hoped I could make it home before the heavens open but before I was anywhere near home, I felt the first few droplets gently falling. I should have savoured it more as 5 minutes later I was being pummelled by hailstones, which felt like they were cutting my face. But I digress. The rain had just started to fall and I happened to look out to sea and for a moment I was moved by how amazing the sky looked.

The combination of the clear blue sky, the black wispy clouds, the golden fluffy ones in the distance, the gold seeping onto the buildings and the landscape and lighting up the dark, moody sea, was enchanting. I loved the contrast of dark and light, black and gold, night and day. It just…caught me for a moment and I stopped and stared as the rain started falling heavier and heaver.

Suddenly I realised I was drenched through and the rain had turned to hail, but rather than find shelter I figured, I’m wet already, lets plough on, so whilst everyone else huddled under bus stops and shop doorways I soldiered on home.

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