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We’ll Dance Around La Sagrada Familia

I’m in kind of a messy place in my mind right now. This is not a bad thing at all, I’m enjoying how unpredictable life is, and how even I’m doing things to surprise myself, but it meant that I needed a break. This urgent need to get the fuck away coincided with a teacher friend of mines holiday from school so she and I arranged a super last minute trip to Barcelona… one of my favourite places in the world.

I only ever really travel with work or travel home to see the family, so it was my first time arranging a trip like this and my first time holidaying with a friend but I am incredibly pleased to say that it was a total dream. The whole trip went super smoothly from planning to execution and I even took 3 full days off work. I came back feeling positive, refreshed and ready for yet more chaos.

I am not a religious woman, however one of the stand out memories for me was La Sagrada Familia. I’ve seen it before briefly from the outside, so this time we bought tickets and headed on in. We got in at 6PM, just as the sun was setting. The design is out of this world and during the sunset, the sun is sitting behind the most breathtaking burnt orange, yellow and red stained glass windows. The entire room is aglow with the light of the dying day. I was mesmerised and could hardly tear my eyes away to look at the rest of the wondrous creation.It wasn’t just the colour of the windows in la Sagrada Familia that touched me, or the way the lowering sun lit them up, but the way the colours permeated the room. They bathed the walls, the people and the air in their majesty. As you stood there, you became the colour. You breathed it. It made me feel like life has some kind of purpose (because what else is there, other than existing to enjoy beauty like this?), it made me feel light but strong. It was intense but not frightening.

If you find yourself in Barcelona (and I hope for your sake, that some day you do) then it’s absolutely worth the ticket price to look around la Sagrada Familia. Next time I’d enjoy it with the audio. I’m glad not to have had it this time as I’d not have been able to concentrate so fully on just feeling what was around me, but next time I’d like to learn more about the history and process of this wonder of the Earth.

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  1. So very glad that you enjoyed La Sagrada Familia. I visited, on two occasions, when taking a group of secondary school kids. Even the non-religious ones loved the church, and it’s easy to understand why. Completely agree that Barcelona is a ‘must see’ city.

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