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All of the Animals

I grew up in a household full of dogs. We always had at least two of our own and went through periods of fostering meaning that for many years we had between 3 and 5 dogs in the house at any one time. We experimented a bit with hamsters for a while but they are creepy little fluff rats that bite and eat their own young, so I never really got that attached. Since ‘growing up’ and living alone I have really missed having dogs and seeing my friends with cats and rabbits is making me pet broody.

When I go back to the UK it’s to see the friends and family that I miss but it’s always an extra bonus that I get to be surrounded by critters. Mum has two beautiful dogs who I am absolutely obsessed with. Misty, a Norwegian Elkhound, is a bit chubby but so beautiful and bubbly, although she much prefers my brother.

Jack is a golden labrador with the saddest eyes you’ll ever see, but the happiest life a dog could ask for. He’s usually my main companion when I go and visit Mum and always fulfils my cuddle cravings.

Then there is Marlee and Ayesha. They’ve been family to me for 7 years and, whilst I lived in another country all that time, I visited often yet their cat, Sonia, never let me near her. She would hiss and freak the fuck out if I came within 4 feet of her and it broke my heart! Yet for some reason, in the past year she has totally mellowed and now lets me pet her every time I visit. My cold heart thaws now when she nuzzles my hand!

My bestie Jess has the only child that’s ever made me consider children as adorable (and a second one on the way!) PLUS two of the fluffiest rabbits I have ever seen. I’ve always loved rabbits as they are so adorable but, being rather rat-like they’ve always scared me a bit with those big bitey teeth but these two are sweet as you like and I just want to squish them with love.

I’m hoping that in the next few years I can finally get a beaut little pet of my own but right now I am entirely too selfish to have something sitting at home waiting for me when the tequila is calling.

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