WTF is Maltagram?

Maltagram is an incredibly self indulgent project I started to satiate my thirst to share silly pictures on the Internet. My ‘real’ website is Malta: Moving On, Up and Away where I give info on moving to, living and holidaying in Malta. Maltagram started off as just an Instagram account but has now become a much more personal blog where I talk about anything and everything and post too many pictures; of myself, of things I’ve bought, my nails, my hair, my home.

Who I Am

I’m a 29 year old British expat living in Malta. I’ve been here since 2010, so almost 7 years and don’t see myself leaving any time soon. One year ago I was shy, quiet and anxious. Writing this ‘about me’ section now, in 2017 I can say that I am chatty, confident and I think I’m hilarious. I love exploring Malta, I love traveling, I love God-awful music, like modern country and if you’re ever in my presence for longer than a few hours I’ll damn well make you listen to some. I fucking love animals, like full on tears whenever I’m around a kitten or puppy and my life doesn’t quite feel complete without a little dog at home to cuddle with.

Why Malta?

I have a job I love (I work in iGaming. Of course.) a strong squad and I love the island life. Living in Malta is so chilled out and slow paced (which stops being infuriating once you get used to it), the sun is (almost) always shining and it’s really the only place I ever felt at home.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Well done for setting up the website from an Instagram account!
    I have recently moved from London to Malta and your previous website as well as Instagram were really helpful 🙂
    Looking forward to see more!

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